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Post: South Korean President announces country’s participation in US IPEF


South Korea has announced that the country joins the “Indo-Pacific economic structure” of the United States.

Seoul, May 21 – RIA Novosti. South Korean President Yoon Sok-yeol announced that his country has joined the “Indo-Pacific Economic Structure (IPEF)” of the United States, after his meeting with US President Joe Biden, the press conference of the leaders of the two countries was broadcast by the two countries on YouTube. South Korean government channel KTV.

Biden arrived in South Korea on Friday for his first summit with the country’s new president, Yoon Seok-yeol. The first stop of Biden’s Asian tour, which will take place between May 20-24, was South Korea.

Yoon Seok-yeol noted that the Indo-Pacific region is important to both the United States and South Korea, and that the country will now be responsible and proactive in playing the role expected of it by the international community and contributing. According to him, participation in the “Indo-Pacific economic structure” of the United States is a step towards building order in the region based on the “rules” that South Korea will establish together with the United States.

“The first step towards this is participation in the Indo-Pacific Economic System,” the President said. Said.

Biden’s initiative to create IPEF, to ensure safe and sustainable supply chains and to create digital economy, investment, etc. It was designed to set the rules for According to KTV experts, the economic alliance is aimed at China, designed to hinder its economic development, Yonhap noted. It was created to threaten the geopolitical position of the USA in the world and to put pressure on Beijing.

Yoon Seok-yeol’s office said South Korea could attend the Tokyo summit next week where Biden should announce the official launch of IPEF.

Source: Ria

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