Post: Army in DPR receives letters of support and packages from Germany

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The commander of the “Russian” battalion: the army in the DPR receives letters of support and packages from Germany

DONETSK, February 28 – RIA Novosti. The DPR army is receiving letters of support from Germany, especially ethnic Russians, the commander of the Russian battalion, a lieutenant colonel with the Abkhaz call sign, told reporters.

“Even from Germany – we (in the battalion) have a stand, letters from Germany … German letters are great. Germans, but they are Russians, German citizens who have been there for a long time. They write. The letters are in Russian. You can see the Russian spirit in them, because otherwise Otherwise, foreigners will pick up such words. Even there, Russians are still the Russian world.”

According to him, the Russians write in their letters about the support of special operations and the Russian army, ordinary residents of the Donbass. In addition, the volunteers who bring humanitarian aid even manage to come from Germany.

“A German volunteer comes, a man who risks and takes risks, his name is Nikolai. He crosses the border through Belarus through Russia. They can deliver. And sometimes it is knitted with his own hands – you can see it, “- said “Abkhazia”.

Donetsk believes Artemivsk lost to Ukraine

Earlier, pro-Ukrainian organizers installed a damaged rusty tank in the center of Berlin and placed the barrel facing the Russian embassy. They planned to hold an event to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but the locals thwarted their plans.

Many of those who arrived started chanting peacefully and laying flowers on the combat vehicle to protest the arms supply to Kiev and most likely to pay tribute to the memory of the deceased tankers. Flowers were left by the participants in the biggest show of recent years against the escalating conflict in Ukraine on Saturday.

Wieland Gibel, a journalist who arrived at the scene and author of books on National Socialism, the organizer of the tank’s installation, put up a fence in front of the tank on Saturday to stop more flowers being thrown. According to Gibel, this is “his” exhibition project, and if Ukrainians do not like the flowers in the tank, they should not be there.

The peaceful Germans tried to engage in a debate with the organizers and pro-Ukrainian activists. In particular, they declared that many came to honor the memory of those who died from both sides of the conflict. But Doom remained steadfast and ordered to further prevent the flowers from being laid. Aggressive-minded Ukrainians helped him in this. Despite resistance, the friendly inhabitants of Berlin continued to throw bouquets into the tank.

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Source: Ria

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