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Post: Journalist Hersh compared Biden’s statements to Kennedy’s statements


US President Joe Biden in his speech in Warsaw. archive photo

Hersh: Biden’s words on Ukraine are just as unrealistic as Kennedy’s on Vietnam

MOSCOW, March 1 – RIA Novosti. Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist Seymour Hersh spoke of the difference between what any US president says about the war and the real situation, as is the case with current leader Joe Biden as he seeks to gain public support for a position on Ukraine.

On February 8, Hersh published his research on Nord Stream explosions, citing a source here stating that explosive devices were placed under Russian gas pipelines by US Navy divers with Norwegian support as part of the Baltops exercises in June 2022. experts.

US President Joe Biden giving a speech in Warsaw - RIA Novosti, 1920, 03/01/2023

“The end is near”. The United States faced the inevitable

“There is an inevitable gap between what the President tells us about war, even proxy warfare, and reality,” Hersh wrote in a recent post on his Substack page. According to the journalist, this statement applies both to current US President Joe Biden, who is trying to gain public support for the conflict in Ukraine, and to former President John F. Kennedy, under whom the Vietnam War was fought. Kennedy and his advisers also did not understand that their views on the country and its inhabitants did not match the facts, so the programs planned for Vietnam were doomed to failure.

The Vietnam War (1964-1975) went down in history as one of the greatest military conflicts of the second half of the 20th century. Initially, two states participated in the conflict – the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and South Vietnam. In 1964 the United States entered the war on the side of South Vietnam.

In 1965, the number of American troops in Vietnam reached 540,000 people, not counting the fleet and strategic aviation. About 1.8 thousand military personnel are still considered missing in the United States. About 58,000 American soldiers and officers were killed and about 300,000 injured during the years of the Vietnam War.

US President Joe Biden's visit to Kiev - RIA Novosti, 1920, 28.02.2023

Media: Biden infuriates Americans with irreparable mistake in Ukraine

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