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Post: Turkey says it’s time to leave NATO


Historian Perinçek: It’s time for Turkey to leave NATO and pay attention to other organizations like CSTO

MOSCOW, 21 May/ Radio Sputnik. Turkish historian Mehmet Perinçek believes the time has come for Turkey to leave NATO and seek other allies. According to him, CSTO may be a viable option.

“NATO does not see Turkey as an ally for a long time. They have taken Turkey out of the picture for a long time. In Syria, the USA supports the PKK/YPG against Turkey. The USA and NATO formed an anti-Turkey bloc. In the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey is symbolized as an enemy in NATO meetings in Italy and Norway. Turkey’s future is not in NATO, Ankara cannot ensure its security and economic growth within NATO.” nail its RIA Novosti.

Perinçek said that Ankara should turn its attention to Eurasia, Russia, China, Syria and Azerbaijan.

“Turkey’s entry into NATO started the process of Western control over Turkey. Turkey’s NATO membership has done nothing but harm to Turkey. It is time to withdraw from NATO, it has become a necessity. NATO’s strategy “It aims to divide the world. War is sowing. In the near future, membership to the CSTO or another new organization will be of interest to Turkey,” he said.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that an American historian said it was time to remove Turkey from NATO.

Terse. Selected quotes only ours telegraph channel.

Source: Ria

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