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Post: Traffic jam formed on Georgian border to Russia


Automobile checkpoint along the “Upper Lars” state line. archive photo

More than a kilometer of traffic jam occurred in the direction of Russia at the Upper Lars checkpoint in Georgia.

MOSCOW, March 9 – RIA Novosti. At the Upper Lars checkpoint on the Georgian border, a traffic jam formed with cars moving towards Russia. This is evidenced by the data of the Yandex.Maps service and messages from users of the Upper Lars Telegram channel.

based data The length of the service’s traffic jam from Georgia in front of the Russian border exceeds one kilometer.

“There’s a long queue to the border from the Georgian side,” wrote one of the chat users, along with a photo. Another participant reported that the traffic jam from Georgia to the Georgia outpost reached two kilometers. “There is a huge traffic jam towards the Russian Federation, everything stops,” said another participant.

Earlier, the Ministry of Emergencies of North Ossetia reported that yesterday at 16.00 the Georgian Military Highway was closed to traffic in both directions due to bad weather conditions. allowed cars and buses, today at midnight the road is opened for all types of vehicles.

Source: Ria

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