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Post: Zakharova “diagnosed” a split personality in the US State Department representative


Maria Zakharova, official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during a briefing. archive photo

Zakharova saw Price’s split personality after her remarks on Bosnia and Herzegovina

MOSCOW, March 11 – RIA Novosti. Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharovadiagnosis“The US State Department representative, Ned Price, who spoke at the Dayton Agreements on the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a divided personality.

Zakharova quoted US State Department representative Ned Price on her telegram as saying that Washington will continue to support Bosnia and Herzegovina’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and “will hold accountable those who try to undermine the institutions of BiH and BiH.” Dayton Peace Agreement According to Price, who said that Zakharov warned of US President of Republika Srpska’s President Milorad Dodik’s threats to leave BiH, “The third article of the Dayton Constitution clearly states that Republika Srpska must fully comply with the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. final decisions and [юридически] The BiH Constitutional Court’s decision is binding”.

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic - RIA Novosti, 1920, 03/10/2023

Vučić says Serbia will not sign surrender on Kosovo’s independence

“Incredible. Ned, try changing BiH to Serbia, Republika Srpska to Kosovo, the Dayton Accords to UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and you’ll get a split personality diagnosis. Let me remind you that contrary to UN resolution Security Council “Washington recognized Kosovo’s independence in 2008, violating the territorial integrity and sovereignty of multinational Serbia,” he said.

Bosnia and Herzegovina declared its separation from Yugoslavia in 1992, and then a war broke out in the republic with the participation of Bosniaks (Muslim Slavs), Serbs and Croats, which lasted until 1995. The exact number of victims has not been officially determined, with various sources pointing to over 100,000. With the participation of the international community, the Peaceful Dayton Agreement was signed, three entities were created – Federation of BiH, Republika Srpska and Brcko Special Region. At the head of the state is a presidency consisting of three people: Serbs, Croats and a representative of Bosnians (Bosnian Muslims).

Kosovo-Albanian structures in Pristina unilaterally declared their independence from Serbia on 17 February 2008. The self-proclaimed republic is not recognized by Serbia, Russia, China, Iran, Spain, Greece and some other states. But Kosovo has not calmed down in all these years. At the same time, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic repeatedly stated that he would never recognize Kosovo’s independence and opposed Pristina’s entry into the UN.

The Serbian Parliament unanimously approved the government’s annual report on the Kosovo and Metohija negotiations and the situation in the province this February, after two days of debate with the participation of the President. The President of Serbia announced 10 items of the country’s leadership program in the face of external pressure to the deputies. These include maintaining peace and stability, demanding the establishment of a Community of Serbian Communities in Kosovo and Metohija, ensuring the security of Kosovo Serbs, attracting foreign investment to Serbia, etc.

The President of Serbia also previously stated that the country’s authorities in the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo gradually subordinate the region to the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the UN without officially recognizing the independence of Belgrade. He also noted that it is no longer correct to call this plan “French-German” since it is supported by both Brussels and the USA.

State flag at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in the Russian Federation in Moscow - RIA Novosti, 1920, 03/06/2023

The head of the Ministry of Labor says Serbia is openly committed to military neutrality

Source: Ria

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