Post: Russian tanker talked about the advantages of the new T-90M

Russian tanker with the call sign “Azer” described the advantages of the new T-90M

LUGANSK, March 12 – RIA Novosti. A member of the T-90M crew with the call code “Azer” told RIA Novosti that the new T-90M tank is equipped with equipment that increases the vehicle’s survivability, reduces its visibility, and increases the crew’s situational awareness.

“Yes, this vehicle, I will say even best, is equipped with the latest equipment that allows you to inflict maximum damage to the enemy and save the lives of crew members – the ATGM went in, the armor-piercing shell flew in – the tank withstands everything,” said Azer.

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Thus, a new homing system is installed on the tank, which helps to detect the enemy when he takes aim at the tank and intervenes, giving the crew the opportunity to return, change position. According to the tanker, he had already saved the crew by dropping the guidance of an enemy missile flying into the tank.

In addition, the T-90M has a special camouflage complex that reduces the thermal visibility of the machine.

“There is no such thing in NATO technology. We see them all the time, they don’t shoot at us,” Tanker said.

In addition, the T-90M has two sights – separately for the commander and separately for the gunner. At the same time, they can assign targets to each other and observe the same target together.

An automatic loader also provides an advantage – it is more reliable than one on Western tanks, because in the event of a collision with a tank, a crew member can receive a shell shock.

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