Post: “Heavy-duty measures”: North Korea threatens US

North Korean flag on a car near the Russian Foreign Ministry building. archive photo

KCNA: DPRK promised heavy countermeasures to the US in response to interference in internal affairs

Seoul, March 13 – RIA Novosti. Through a UN debate on the human rights situation in North Korea, the North Korean Foreign Ministry once again accused the United States of “heinous interference” in its internal affairs and promised to respond with “super-strong countermeasures”. (CTCA) reports.

The United States is promoting an informal meeting of UN Security Council members on March 17 on human rights abuses in North Korea.

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“North Korea strongly condemns and utterly rejects the heinous repression schemes of the United States in the field of human rights, as the most obvious expression of its hostile policy towards North Korea,” the State Department said in a statement. .

The ministry noted that the United States has long used human rights as an excuse for “despicable interference” in the internal affairs of independent sovereign states to “destroy their systems and change their governments”. Pyongyang has already gotten used to this and believes that Washington has played the human rights card when it is “cornered” and can no longer put pressure on North Korea with the help of the nuclear issue.

“The intrigues of the United States and its satellites against North Korea in the field of “human rights” have nothing to do with the real provisions of human rights and are merely a politicized hostile tool to distort the image of North Korea and destroy the real rights and interests of the Korean people,” it said.

It was noted that the conflict between the DPRK and the USA is a conflict between “ideas and systems”, therefore, Washington must be fought with the help of ideology and weapons. The DPRK State Department calls for “brutal punishment of the American imperialists” and forcing them to pay a “high price”.

“North Korea solemnly declares once again that it will respond with super-strong countermeasures against the most treacherous conspiratorial attacks of the United States and its satellites, in order to consistently protect the sovereignty, rights and interests of the state,” the State Department said in a statement. .

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