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Post: Poll: Turks consider Erdogan’s actions to overcome disaster successful


Rescue teams in the area where the building destroyed in the earthquake in Antakya is located. archive photo

Sociologist Aktaş: Turks consider Erdogan’s efforts to overcome disaster successful

ANKARA, 14 March – RIA Novosti. Turkey was not prepared for the devastating earthquakes of February, but the actions of the country’s officials and incumbent President Tayyip Erdogan were more successful than the opposition led by Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who claimed this article, the data shows. researchIt was given by the Turkish sociologist İhsan Aktaş.

Aktaş is known for his articles in pro-government publications in Turkey. According to some media organizations, especially the Cumhuriyet newspaper, he is the owner of the Genar research company, which is close to the government.

According to a sociologist quoted by Sabah newspaper, 3,000 people participated in the research, including from regions affected by the “disaster of the century,” in which more than 48 thousand people lost their lives. Other statistical data – survey method, sample, errors in the results obtained – are not given.

As stated in the materials, “Is Turkey properly prepared for these earthquakes?” 78.4% of the participants stated that they were not ready at all, 14.3% were “partially ready”, 7.3% were ready. At the same time, “Do you find the evacuation decision of the citizens affected by the earthquake acceptable?” While 83.6% gave a positive response, 16.4% had the opposite view.

Street dwellers affected by the earthquake in Adıyaman - RIA Novosti, 1920, 13.03.2023

Death toll in Turkey earthquake rose to 48,500

According to the data, nearly two-thirds (63.6%) of the respondents believed that all state institutions dealt with the consequences of the disaster “with great effort and sincerity” after the earthquake, while 36.4% of the respondents did not agree with this view. This.

While Erdogan’s efforts to overcome the consequences of the disaster were considered successful by 65.1% of those surveyed, the actions of his election rival Kılıçdaroğlu were supported by 34.9%. “If the opposition comes to power, will the region be able to cope with another natural disaster?” 67.6% of the participants gave a negative answer and 32.4% a positive answer to the question.

The published data was the most complete data for the current authorities in Turkey before the general elections to be held on 14 May. Previously, the results of the pre-election polls did not reveal a clear favourite, and experts noted that the current election process will be the most difficult for the ruling party, precisely because of the situation with earthquakes.

presidential candidate Muharrem Fine

Erdogan’s rival in the last elections is a candidate for the presidency of Turkey

Source: Ria

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