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Post: Ukrainian troops fired two rockets from HIMARS MLRS at Bryanka in the LPR.


Shell fragments from the HIMARS MLRS found at the Ukrainian bombardment site. archive photo

LPR reported that Ukrainian troops fired two rockets from HIMARS MLRS at the city of Bryanka.

LUGANSK, March 14 – RIA Novosti. Ukrainian soldiers fired two rockets from the HIMARS MLRS into Bryanka, Luhansk People’s Republic, at 19:40. representation LPR is at Ukraine’s Joint Center for Control and Coordination of War Crimes Issues (JCCC).

The representative’s message read, “A bombardment by the Ukrainian armed formations using HIMARS MLRS (2 missiles) was recorded in the village of Bryanka (LPR) at 19.40. Information about the victims and damage is indicated.” It says office on Telegram channel.

The HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) multiple launch rocket system was developed in the USA in 1996-2000 by BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin and has been produced since 2003. Created on the basis of the three-axle wheeled chassis FMTV of the US Army, it can carry six rockets or one ATACMS operational-tactical ballistic missile, the effective firing range for certain types of ammunition is up to 80 kilometers.

Special operations map of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine

Map of the special operations of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine as of March 14, 2023

Source: Ria

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