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Post: Ukrainians in Switzerland decided to be deprived of the possibility of “survival”


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20 Minutes: Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland forced to sell their cars

MOSCOW, March 15 – RIA Novosti. Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland will have to sell their cars, otherwise they risk being deprived of state benefits. writer newspaper 20 minutes

As stated by the Swiss Social Assistance Conference, the cars of the beneficiaries, including the Ukrainians, are subject to sale if their value exceeds the payment amount, which, depending on the canton, is several thousand francs. Funds received by refugees should be used to meet their needs.

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For example, in the canton of Lucerne, the authorities order to sell a vehicle if its price exceeds the allowance of four thousand francs (about 330 thousand rubles) or 10 thousand francs (824 thousand rubles) per capita in this region. per family One month is allocated for the sale of the car, after which, depending on the amount received, social payments stop.

According to Lucerne officials, 141 intermediary refugees from Ukraine were registered in the region, of which 132 received social assistance in February. Local authorities believe that the cost of most of these cars exceeds the established allowance.

Authorities apply similar rules in other Swiss cantons such as Bern, Basel-Stadt, Zurich and Aargau.

As a Ukrainian woman named Ekaterina told the publication, Fiat will “return to Ukraine” if she has to sell her crossover. “For people who are already used to the car, it’s at least a kind of joy and a way of survival,” she complained. According to him, most Ukrainians will not agree with such rules, as they will return to their homeland or leave Switzerland for another country.

Vladimir Bortnik, who came to the country with his old Volkswagen Golf, also expressed that he did not agree with the attitude of the local authorities. According to him, he wants to be “given a job” and then be able to pay his taxes.

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