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Post: Media: Kishida told Biden G7 summit in 2023 will be held in Hiroshima


Fumio Kishida. archive photo

Media: Japanese Prime Minister told Kishida Biden that the G7 summit in 2023 will be held in Hiroshima

TOKYO, May 23 – RIA Novosti. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told US President Joe Biden that the 2023 G7 summit will be held in Hiroshima. NHK.

It was noted that Biden welcomed the news positively.

The head of the American state is in Japan for a visit, the meeting of the two leaders has just ended in Tokyo.

Kishida’s family hails from Hiroshima, the city where the constituency is located. In 2023, the presidency of the G7 will pass to Japan.

In his last interview before the summit, Kishida noted that he attaches great importance to the location of the G-7 summit, in light of “the great ideal of striving for a world without nuclear weapons”.

Biden arrived on a visit to Japan on Sunday, but the official part of the program began on Monday. Today, the President of the United States met with Emperor Naruhito of Japan, after which a solemn ceremony was held regarding the start of the visit and the inspection of the honor guard. After the bilateral meeting of the leaders, Kishida and Biden are expected to hold a joint press conference.

Biden will later meet with the families of Japanese abducted and forcibly held in North Korea by North Korean intelligence services in the 1970s and 80s. Japan has been demanding their return for many years, including aid from other countries.

Then, at the initiative of the American side, a new regional economic initiative will be launched, implying the participation of the countries of the Asia-Pacific – Indo-Pacific Economic Structure (IPEF).

The Quartet security dialogue is scheduled for Tuesday with the participation of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Source: Ria

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