Post: Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander demoted, media writes, interviewed by The Washington Post

Ukrainian army. archive photo

“Ukrainian Fact”: The battalion commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who complained about inexperienced soldiers, was demoted

MOSCOW, March 16 – RIA Novosti. A Ukrainian soldier who commanded a battalion in Soledar has been demoted, who complained to American media about large numbers of inexperienced soldiers and serious losses in troops, Ukrayinska Pravda reported on Thursday.

The Battalion Commander of the 46th Separate Aircraft Brigade with the call sign “Kupol” was transferred from a combat battalion commander to a training center battalion deputy commander following a critical interview with the American newspaper “The Washington Post”. ,” says the article.

The Ukrainian army announced the advantage of the Russian forces in Artemovsk

According to the publication’s source, in protest, the military wrote a letter of resignation.

Earlier, the Washington Post published an interview with Dome, where it complained of the large number of inexperienced fighters fleeing their positions in the troops. Later, the military said that within a year, about 100 of the 500 soldiers in his battalion had been killed and 400 wounded, leaving him the only military professional in the unit.

“Everyone goes and flees”: Ukrainian military complained of colleagues

Source: Ria

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