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Post: Tokyo retaliates by imposing sanctions on three of its citizens for North Korea’s missile launch


Launch of intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-15 in North Korea. archive photo

Japan retaliates to North Korea’s ICBM test by imposing sanctions on three North Koreans

TOKYO, March 17 – RIA Novosti. Hirokazu Matsuno, secretary general of the Japanese cabinet, said at a news conference that the Japanese government had imposed sanctions on three North Koreans involved in nuclear and missile development in response to an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test by North Korea.

“These provocative acts, carried out with unprecedented frequency, represent a serious and imminent threat and are absolutely unacceptable.”

The list of new sanctions includes Deputy Head of Military Industry Department Chung Il-ho, former Korean People’s Army General Politburo director Kim Soo-gil and former President Kim Soo-gil, according to the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s statement. Ministry of Military Industry Yoo-jin.

Among the restrictive measures introduced are the prohibition of any dealings with these individuals, and the freezing of all their assets in Japan if detected.

At 07:10 (01:10 Moscow time) on March 16, North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile eastward from the Sunan region in Pyongyang. According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense, the rocket flew at around 70 minutes and 8.19 am (2.19 Moscow time) and crashed 200 kilometers onto Oshima Island in Hokkaido, possibly outside the Japanese exclusive economic zone. According to the Japanese army, the flight range was 1,000 kilometers, the maximum flight altitude was 6,000 kilometers.

North Korea has tested the Hwaseong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile in response to US and South Korean military exercises, the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported earlier on Friday.

Footprint in the sky after testing solid propellant launch vehicle - RIA Novosti, 1920, 14.03.2023

Expert explains what North Korea is trying to achieve by launching missiles

Source: Ria

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