Post: Polyansky accused West of preventing DPR Ombudsman from attending UN Security Council meeting

DPR Commissioner for Human Rights Daria Morozova. archive photo

Polyansky accused the West of preventing DPR Ombudsman Morozova from attending the UN Security Council meeting

UN, 17 March – RIA Novosti. Western countries wrote that they are trying to prevent DPR Ombudsman Darya Morozova from attending today’s meeting of the UN Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. telegraph channel First Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation in the organization of Dmitry Polyansky.

The meeting at the UN Security Council, demanded by the West on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, will begin today at 22:00 Moscow time.

DPR Ombudsman spoke about torture of prisoners of war from DPR

According to him, in order to correct the predictable one-sided presentation of what is happening, Russia has requested DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova as a speaker via video link.

“Now our opponents have really gone mad, they are trying to use all means to prevent his participation. They do not need the truth about the situation in Donbass,” he stressed.

According to Polyansky, a procedural vote will likely take place in the Security Council to decide whether Morozova should be allowed to attend the meeting.

“And the Westerners will try to use their over-representation in the current structure of the Security Council – they only need 7 votes (we need 9) to block our demand. If they decide that, their double standards will become even more evident. With that in mind for developing countries and our competitors. It’s visibly frustrating,” he said.

We will fight to the end, and the assessments of the residents of Donetsk and Luhansk will be heard in one way or another today in the Security Council.”

Moskalkova received a response from the UN to appeal against Kiev’s torture of prisoners

Source: Ria

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