Post: In a short battle, the “Kuban” attack aircraft destroyed three Ukrainian soldiers

Soldier of the assault group in the special operations area. archive photo

Maltsev attack aircraft with the call sign “Kuban” destroyed three Ukrainian soldiers in the battle near Kremennaya

KREMENAYA (LPR), 18 March – RIA Novosti. Petersburg, Alexander Maltsev, commander of the assault group with the call sign “Kuban”, single-handedly destroyed three Ukrainian soldiers in a battle near Kremennaya and captured the same number, after which he continued to fight and died in one of the conflicts. , the commander of the assault squadron told RIA Novosti the callsign “Batya”.

He said that the enemy strongholds were captured by the assault detachment of the 488th motorized rifle regiment of the Western Military District.

A colleague of mine spoke of the success of the commander of the attack aircraft with the call sign “Kuban”.

“My fighters began to attack the first opornik, the second group of the” Kuban ” came from two wings, took it. “Kuban” was ambushed – there was a trench for an observer, he waited forty minutes. Then they (enemy soldiers – ed. ) were distracted When the attack began, they turned away from him, destroyed one, (later) suddenly jumped into the trench as they had been taught, and shot two more, and the three immediately raised their hands and began to surrender, “said the agency’s interlocutor.

According to him, the fighters of the named regiment occupied three strongholds of the enemy.

Maltsev died on the third day of that operation. “A group of six went (to war), the opnik was on a hill and in the bushes. (Army with the call sign) “Lao” was on the right flank, “Kuban” – from the left. Then the ( enemy) helicopter began to throw grenades … the machine gunner began to work “Lao was wounded in the hip and killed,” he said.

A colleague told how the group of commander Maltsev opened fire on him.

Source: Ria

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