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Post: Johnson prepares ‘sensational’ proof of his innocence


Boris Johnson. archive photo

Telegraph: Johnson gets the scoop on innocence in covid party trial

MOSCOW, March 19 – RIA Novosti. Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to present the ‘scoop’ evidence that clears him of partying during the coronavirus pandemic, the newspaper reports. Telegram with reference to sources.

“Boris Johnson is preparing to release ‘discovery’ evidence that he believes exonerates him in the party lawsuit,” the source said in a statement.

Residence and office of the Prime Minister of Great Britain in London - RIA Novosti, 1920, 04.02.2023

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Sources said the evidence would include messages from advisers to the former prime minister saying no anti-Kovid rules were broken during parties.

“The truth is, he told Parliament what he thought was true at the time. There are documents showing that he was advised to say what he said,” the source told the newspaper.

Sky News had previously reported that Johnson will testify before the Parliamentary Privileges Committee on March 22 at the parties’ trial during the coronavirus pandemic as part of an ongoing investigation. If the former prime minister is found to have misled parliament, he may be suspended from his position in the House of Commons for ten days, which could be an excuse to petition for his reinstatement in parliament.

In late June 2022, the cross-party Parliamentary Privileges Committee in the House of Commons announced it was seeking witnesses and evidence to help determine whether Johnson misled Parliament over the covid party scandal. In early March, the committee released a report detailing four cases where the former prime minister was able to mislead parliament about the covid parties.

Scandal erupted around parties at the Downing Street government residence amid the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. On the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral, the situation worsened when it was revealed that two more parties were held on 16 April 2021, as restrictions remain in the UK and national mourning is declared in the country. Johnson later apologized and said he had paid the fine issued by the Metropolitan Police.

Former British Foreign Secretary William Hague - RIA Novosti, 1920, 03/01/2023

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