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Post: Al-Burhani: A civilian government will soon be established in Sudan


Khartoum (Union)

The head of the Sovereignty Council of Sudan, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, confirmed that the army will support the future civilian government and stressed that the armed forces will not abandon their functions at the ballot box and will fulfill the aspirations of the Sudanese people. . .
In statements published by Sudanese media yesterday, Al-Burhan confirmed that the country is on the way to establishing a civilian government and that a civilian government is likely to be formed soon.
“We don’t want the hegemony of a military or civilian ruler and we want someone who governs in a legitimate and acceptable way,” he said.
Al-Burhan has repeatedly confirmed that the army has no party and will not be loyal to anyone or any group, stating that it “only obeys the will of the people”.
In this regard, Yasser Al-Ata, a member of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, called for the rejection of tribalism, regionalism and racism, distancing from hate speech and the importance of equality for all Sudanese. Sudan News Agency, SUNA.
Al-Ata, during a local celebration in North Darfur state, called for rebuilding what the war destroyed and highlighted the armed forces’ willingness to contribute to the process.
Al-Ata stressed that “the armed forces have no ambitions to govern the country, but they have contributed to the success of the December Revolution since its inception and will work to transfer power to the people to lead them to freedom.” fair and just elections through the ballot box and realizing the aspirations of the people for freedom and democracy”, noting that “the armed forces also work to consolidate democracy with loyal national forces” and emphasizing that “the nation-building process is difficult”. And it’s hard, and we have to act with a challenge and a spirit that doesn’t know how to give up.
In another context, the “tripartite mechanism” constituted by the United Nations, the African Union and the organization “IGAD” yesterday held a meeting with representatives of the “Movement for the Liberation of Sudan” led by Mini Minawi, the “Movement for Justice and Equality”. . by Jibril Ibrahim and the origin of the “Democratic Unionist Party”. Directed by Muhammad Osman Al-Mirgan.
The UN Integrated Transition Support Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) said in a statement: “The tripartite mechanism meeting was constructive, during which they discussed the political process and efforts to engage their adversaries.”

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Removal of smuggled weapons
Khartoum (Union)

Yesterday, Sudanese authorities announced the seizure of several weapons intended for smuggling from a warehouse in a popular market in the eastern state of Gedaref.
Sudan News Agency (SUNA) quoted Tawfiq Mohammed Ali, spokesman for the Governor of Gedaref, as saying: “This seizure is a message to all criminals that the security service will target anyone who tries to interfere with an iron fist. “. Country Achievements and Crime Prevalence”.
For his part, Colonel Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed, intelligence commander of the 2nd Infantry Division in Gedaref state, said: “The seizure took place after careful observation and intelligence, after which a warehouse was raided and weapons prepared. Smuggling has been eliminated,” he emphasized the continued protection of the country’s security and stability.

Source: Al Ittihad

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