Post: The Armed Forces of Ukraine, reported in the LPR, transferred a battery of howitzers to the Kupyanskoe direction

Military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. archive photo

Marochko: Ukrainian security forces deployed a howitzer battery in the direction of Kupyanskoe

LUHANSK, March 21 RIA News. Retired LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko, a military expert, noticed RIA Novosti, citing his own sources, that a howitzer battery was approaching in the direction of Kupyansk, consisting of Ukrainian troops with Soviet-style weapons.

“In the area of ​​​​Peschanoe village (Kupyansky district of the Kharkov region. – Ed.), the arrival of six guns with ammunition of D-20 howitzers (Ukrainian security forces. – Approx. ed.),” said the expert, citing his own sources.

The interlocutor of the organization explained that, according to external signs, artillery pieces with a caliber of 152 millimeters underwent a major overhaul or were removed from protection.

“The towing howitzers have new traces of paint and new wheeled chassis,” Marochko explained.

The day before, he had already announced Kiev’s attempts to strengthen the Ukrainian grouping in this direction. Especially according to Marochko, this happens at the expense of foreign mercenaries.

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Source: Ria

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