Post: “Ukraine will be driven into the frame.” Why does the USA not want Kiev’s victory?

MOSCOW, March 21 – RIA Novosti, Renat Abdullin. Joe Biden is blamed for not being committed towards Ukraine. According to many, he is not interested in the victory of the Kiev regime, although he says otherwise. About what the American president really wants – in the material of RIA Novosti.

Putin’s talent and NATO’s fear

John Bolton published an article in The Wall Street Journal entitled “Why the West won’t let Ukraine beat Russia”. A former adviser to former President Donald Trump believes Kiev’s allies are fighting “one-handed behind their back”.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton at a press conference in Kiev

Bolton cites recently released intelligence that a “pro-Ukrainian group” was behind the Nord Stream attack last fall. This information caused an unexpected political reaction in Europe. “There is speculation that direct or indirect Ukrainian intervention will undermine Kiev’s support,” he writes.

“But why would the successful interruption of Nord Stream jeopardize foreign aid, even if Ukraine had staged the raid?” Bolton is furious. To him, this raises a larger problem, fear of the North Atlantic Alliance. “Vladimir Putin deftly prevented NATO from taking decisive action to end the conflict quickly and victoriously.”

“Biden wants Russia defeated, but apparently fears that Kiev will indeed win. If he believes in America’s official position – restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity – he must verify this and develop an appropriate plan. ‘ Bolton concludes.

Republicans Unite

This isn’t the first time the former counselor has criticized the incumbent. “Instability [у Байдена] It doesn’t bode well for Ukraine,” Bolton said in an article he wrote for 19FortyFive in August last year.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the joint meeting of Congress in Washington

In January, Congress accused Biden of the same thing. Mike Rogers and Michael McCall, chairs of the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committee, urged the administration and its US allies to “immediately send to Ukraine the critical weapons needed to defeat Russia.”

Meanwhile, congressmen stressed that the resolutions of the White House and European partners are reminiscent of their “weak politics” in 2021.

Like Bolton, Rogers and McCall are Republicans. Among the Democrats, not everyone is happy with Biden, but they are protecting his president. There are no substitute candidates for the 2024 elections yet.

“Worse than nothing”

Authorized Fox News anchor Sean Hannity also spoke out to angry criticism. He was enraged by the event that an American drone crashed into the Black Sea.

Drone MQ-9 Reaper

The White House reacted quite measuredly and promised to make every effort to return the drone alone.

According to Hannity, “the world was turned upside down by the pathetic excuse of a president who didn’t know what day of the week it was.” “America’s enemies” do not fear or respect Biden, “not from China, Iran, and certainly not Russia.” “They shot down an American Reaper drone in international waters, which is often seen as a cause of war. What did Biden do? Almost nothing, worse than nothing. They said it was probably due to the incompetence of the Russian pilots. The Biden administration is lying to the American people,” he said.

What awaits Ukraine?

Experts interviewed by RIA Novosti believe that the next attacks on Biden are primarily related to the tense domestic political situation.

US President Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev

“We must start from the fact that the election campaign in the US is already developing. And Bolton’s same article is, above all, an attack on political opponents,” says RISS expert Sergey Ermakov.

He continues that the Ukraine factor is very important for the upcoming elections. Obviously, both sides will play this card differently. Some will accuse Kiev of insufficient support, others of excessive support. But this will do little for Ukraine itself.

“The United States acts only from its own national interests. Yes, Washington speaks of the necessity of Kiev’s victory. The collective West can do this. Ukraine will be placed in strictly defined frameworks,” Ermakov assured. The United States still does not want a direct military conflict with Russia. Hence the restriction on the drone event.

Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky at a press conference in Kiev

Vladimir Vasiliev, principal investigator of the Institute of US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, says Biden’s criticism reflects the Americans’ demand for a clear formulation of tasks.

“Washington provides Kiev with large funds, but there is no turning back,” emphasizes the expert, “There is no victory, nothing to report to the public and therefore suspicions.”

Against this background, ideas are emerging to reconsider tactics. Perhaps with a focus on controlling China.

“It is difficult to say what the media campaign against Biden will result in. Talks on the offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are ongoing – the US administration is waiting for changes in the military situation. The goals have been achieved to “adapt” them later,” concludes Vasiliev.

Without a turning point on the front, the White House will face new troubles. Republicans may demand more efficient spending. We cannot rule out a tougher approach to support Kiev.

Source: Ria

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