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Post: Announcement of possible delivery date of US main battle tanks to Ukraine


A US official and an informed source said the Pentagon intends to expedite delivery of Abrams advanced battle tanks to Ukraine in the fall of this year.

The Biden administration has pledged to deliver 31 advanced M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine after months of rejecting the idea of ​​deploying the tanks there, which are difficult to maintain. The new plan would speed up delivery by about a year, according to a congressional aide.

A Pentagon spokesman declined to comment on the faster schedule because the Department of Defense had not previously set a specific date for trying to deliver the tanks to the Ukrainians. A spokesman said only that it would take “months”.

“We’re working on it,” White House spokesman John Kirby told CNN. “There are some changes you can make to the process to speed it up,” he added.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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