5 people detained in Grodno for allegedly preparing a terrorist attack

Belarusian KGB member. archive photo

ONT: 5 people were detained for allegedly preparing a terrorist attack in Grodno

MINSK, March 21 – RIA Novosti. Belarusian investigators questioned 14 people in connection with the liquidated terrorist in Grodno, five were detained, the TV channel reported on Tuesday ONT.

The TV channel said, “The investigators questioned 14 people who had contact with the terrorist. There are five people in the detention center, including the owners of the apartment rented to the criminal.”

An employee of the Belarusian border service on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.  frame from video

The media wrote that the terrorist killed in Grodno wanted to flee to Ukraine

The owner of the apartment – retired Elena Kostevich – is noted to be a supporter of the Belarusian opposition. His son, Alexander Kostevich, who, according to the channel, “also stood out for the mood of protest in 2020”, was directly involved in the rental of the apartment.

The KGB of Belarus previously reported that a foreign citizen was liquidated in Grodno on March 19, while taking special measures to suppress the activities of persons who entered the territory of the republic for the purpose of a terrorist attack. It showed armed resistance against the security forces by detonating automatic weapons and suicide bombers. On Tuesday, Belarus 1 TV channel reported that the Belarusian security forces received operational information from Poland about the planned arrival of a rival of the Belarusian authorities, and that the Russian passport found in the liquidated criminal was fake.

In preparation for the commission of a terrorist act, the KGB investigation department launched a criminal case, investigative activities are carried out aimed at identifying the accomplices of the criminal.

The building of the KGB of Belarus in Minsk - RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023

Belarusian KGB suspects SBU is behind terrorists in Grodno

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