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Post: UAE: We Support Syria and Turkey in Humanitarian Tragedy


Brussels (WAM)

His Excellency Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemi, Minister of State for International Cooperation, confirmed that the wise leadership of the UAE has issued its main directives in full solidarity with the Syrian Arab Republic and the Republic of Turkey since the first moments of the devastating earthquake. In this difficult situation and human tragedy, stay on the sidelines and provide all possible support to help overcome the consequences of the earthquake, in the role of the State in helping and assisting those most in need. to the victims of various disasters, with its aid and humanitarian aid programs and projects.
This happened during His Excellency’s participation in the international conference organized by the Kingdom of Sweden, the European Union and the United Nations in Brussels to mobilize aid and early recovery programs for the population affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. On February 6 last year.

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His Excellency noted that the UAE believes that the scale of this tragedy requires an emergency response. Quick and direct coordination with Syria and Turkey took place, initial requirements were identified, search and rescue teams and medical supplies and field hospitals were provided. The largest humanitarian airlift between the two countries was equipped and launched, involving the delivery of thousands of tons of food, medical and relief supplies through the operation of more than 240 aircraft and ships, including the provision of relief by emergency personnel. and rescue. , as the value of supplies to the UAE totaled approximately US$330 million, including US$20 million in support of the United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan in coordination with the United Nations Office of Humanitarian Affairs in Syria.
His Excellency noted that aid support has not stopped at the official level, but there has been a wide public response to the national “Bridges of Kindness” campaign, which has generated strong support from the people of the Emirati, with donations and supplies going to Syria and Turkey. People in these difficult conditions.
His Highness said the UAE welcomes the Syrian government’s decision to open two international border crossings to increase the flow of aid in the next three months to deal with the difficult and complex humanitarian situation prior to this earthquake, which requires support and provision . Various supplies for the Syrian people under the United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan.
It also urges the UAE to immediately start early recovery programs in earthquake-affected areas, especially in Aleppo and Latakia provinces.
At the end of his speech, His Excellency confirmed that the UAE will continue its efforts to strengthen the bridges of cooperation, partnership and dialogue with all stakeholders, in order to contribute to the achievement of stability and prosperity for all, especially in a moment when you work together is necessary. Any consideration to meet various humanitarian needs.

Source: Al Ittihad

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