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Post: 6 foods and drinks that cause insomnia


Translator: Aza Yusef

Some believe that caffeine alone is the root cause of sleep disturbances, but there are surprisingly common everyday foods that can cause insomnia and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, according to the US Everyday Health website, including:

It’s highly processed junk food, high in saturated fat, sodium, and salt, making it uncomfortable for you to sleep.

Excessive sugar consumption is associated with health problems such as diabetes, weight gain, hypertension and fatty liver disease, but it affects sleep and makes it difficult, so you should avoid sweets, cakes, etc. bed. And remember the amount of sugar in shakes that some people consider a snack.

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While the protein in cheese helps you relax, some cheeses like cheddar, gruyere and parmesan are rich in amino acids that increase your heart rate, which can make you feel drowsy.

Eating tomatoes before bed causes discomfort, as they contain acidic substances that can raise the body’s acidity level, causing indigestion, heartburn and reflux, which destroys the feeling of rest.

hot sauces
Spicy foods cause stomach acid reflux while sleeping, which is very irritating during the day, let alone before bed, when the negative effects can be compounded.

Drinking plenty of water before bed acts as a natural diuretic, making you want to get up in the bathroom, as do drinks like ginger, dandelion, hawthorn and juniper, as well as parsley.

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