Karasin said that the crisis in Ukraine has accelerated the multipolar formation.

Grigory Karasin. archive photo

Senator Karasin: Crisis in Ukraine accelerated the creation of a multipolar world and the growth of Southern influence

BUDAPEST, 22 March – RIA Novosti. The crisis in Ukraine has accelerated the formation of a multipolar world, in which the key role has been transferred to the countries of the global South, which advocate honest and mutually beneficial cooperation, not a “rules-based order”. declaration Grigory Karasin, chairman of the international committee of the Federation Council.

“The crisis in Ukraine accelerated the formation of a multipolar world order in which the key role was transferred to the majority of the world. Not only Russia, but also China, India, Southeast Asian states (especially ASEAN), the Muslim world, Africa, Latin America.. Karasin said that the new power centers are not ready to endure the neo-colonial impositions of the “collective West”, in an interview with the Hungarian publication Demokrata.

The world is in the hands of the people - RIA Novosti, 1920, 21.03.2023

China appreciates Russia’s efforts to create a multipolar system of relations

According to him, the United States and its allies are trying to “impose a unipolar regime”, while the countries that make up the majority of the world “advocate honest and mutually beneficial cooperation as well as taking into account each other’s interests, including in the security sphere.” international community around the world, a kind of “rule-based order”.

“The collective West” clings to the delusion of “world domination,” but its dominance in the world is doomed to history,” said the Russian senator.

Karasin noted that it is quite natural for Russia to turn to the East and the South, because “the attack of sanctions from the front and the unrelenting hostility of the “collective West” leave us no other choice”.

“The role of the countries of the Global South in world politics and economy is increasing. At the same time, their political influence is increasing. The West is losing its status as the monopoly center of the world. The states of the world say that the majority of the world’s states have the opportunity to establish direct mutually beneficial relations with each other without resorting to the mediation of the West, and He stressed that attempts to re-establish the “polar world” were in vain.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Putin: Multipolar world struggle will win

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