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Post: Google provides access to the “Bold” bot, which competes with “GPT Chat”.


Google publicly launched its chatbot (Cool) to attract subscribers and received feedback on a competing program (ChatGPT), backed by Microsoft, in the world of artificial intelligence. .

Users in the US and UK will initially be able to join a (legal) access waitlist, a program previously available to an approved pool of testers.

Google describes Cool as an experience that enables collaboration with generative artificial intelligence, a technology that relies on past data to create content, rather than simply recognizing and identifying it.

The launch of ChatGBT last year, developed by Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI, sparked a race in the tech sector to make artificial intelligence accessible to more users.

In a sign of increased competition in this fast-paced world, Google and Microsoft released a slew of artificial intelligence tools last week. This includes technology for writing designs and integrating them with word processors and other collaborative software, as well as marketing for web developers to create AI-powered applications.

In a demo with Reuters, Krausik showed how Bard generates full text in real time, as opposed to ChatGPT, which types responses verbatim.

Bard has also included a feature that shows three different versions or “templates” of any answer and has a “Google Search” button if the user wants to get results from the web for any question they want answered.

Unlike ChatGPT, Google has stated on its website that Bard is not proficient in computer code generation. He added that he has limited Bard’s memory of past conversations and that he is not currently using the chatbot for advertising, which is the heart of his business model.

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