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Post: Aber al-Hamdani. The passion of the dramatic “portrait”.


Khaula Ali (Dubai)

Abeer Al-Hamdani.. a photographer who translated his ideas into works of different artistic styles, created lines of colors with a subtle artistic mixture, born from passion, obsession and desire to build innovative works using photography and lighting technologies. That his works left a great resonance in the multiple exhibitions in which he participated, with artistic creations in the style of dramatic portraits, to reveal the depth of his message, which is expressed in an artistic image of mysterious dimensions and connotations, which can be related to the imagination of the artist himself or with the influence of his environment.
Aber Al-Hamdani took his first steps into the world of digital photography as an amateur, but he quickly learned the ins and outs of this art honing his skills and abilities to discover that his relationship with the art of photography is not unique. A passing hobby, but more of a passion and a way to express your thoughts and read the events around you in an artistic language. A dreamer, he goes beyond the traditional to document this moment in all its dimensions in an innovative artistic style, a task that depends on the artist and his professionalism in handling tools and equipment, as required by his imagination and artistic sense, to be unique. . in what others represent The works of artists. Styles of photographic art, including fashion photography, nature in its fascinating dimensions and all kinds of products.

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Al-Hamdani started as an amateur photographer, but over time and through photo shoots he discovered his talent and expertise in reading faces and highlighting their features and giving them precise and profound expressions. A hidden personality, as he developed his skill based on self-education, reading and watching educational videos through social networks, implementing a system of experimentation and learning from mistakes, and constant and continuous research to develop his ability to use. Imaging equipment in an innovative way.
On the fundamentals of the art of portraiture, Al-Hamdani states that this style requires defining an idea and planning it in advance, preparing and selecting the necessary lenses, lighting and tools to create the planned scene, with an emphasis on the art of turning over distribution. for the work to come out in a dramatic and cinematic way.

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female power
Among the works she is proud of, Al-Hamdani says: “I participated in an exhibition of black and white photos (Exhibition) and the image represented the strength of Emirati women in general, in terms of appearance. In traditional clothing (sheila) (head covering) as a link between the past and the present, affirming the idea of ​​evolution does not mean abandoning our customs, traditions, culture and heritage that express our national identity.

This diversity gave Aber many skills to learn the fundamentals of different styles of photography, but he was more inclined towards shooting “portraits”, focusing on people’s faces and weaving stories around them, until his photography career revolved around the ” cinematographic and conceptual portrait. A style that portrays feelings and dramatic traits. The focus of the idea is the environment, using different equipment and lighting techniques to create unusual scenes.

private study
Aber Al-Hamdani has participated in several exhibitions, including the “Black and White Mirrors” and “Al-Irtika” exhibitions as part of the Calligraphy Festival in the Emirate of Sharjah. She hopes to make her mark in the portrait art world and open up. A private photo studio to dedicate your effort and work to the portrait industry.

Source: Al Ittihad

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