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Post: The commander of “Akhmat” believes that Zelensky could not visit Artemovsk


Photo from the meeting of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with military personnel in Artemivsk

The commander of the “Akhmat” Alaudinov said that Zelensky could not physically visit Artemovsk.

MOSCOW, March 23 – RIA Novosti. Vladimir Zelensky could not “physically” visit the city of Artemovsk, where fierce battles are currently taking place in the DPR, Of course special forces commander “Akhmat” Apty Alaudinov deputy head of Chechnya.

The previous day, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukrainian troops visited their positions in the direction of Artyomovsk. It was not reported which object it was visiting.

Doctors carry a wounded Ukrainian soldier in the Artemovsk region - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.03.2023

Azarov told why Zelensky sent the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the “meat grinder” in Artemivsk

“If this appeared in the animated video from the Bakhmut bunker, then he could have gone there and arrived. In other cases, neither Zelensky nor any of the Ukrainian leadership will be able to get to Artemivsk, which is physically impossible. ” – Alaudinov said on the broadcast of the TV channel “Russia 1”.

Artemovsk is located in the north of the large city of Gorlovka. It is an important transport hub for supplying the Ukrainian contingent in Donbass. For more than six months, heavy fighting has been taking place outside the city. According to recent reports, Russian forces have cut or fire control all paved roads leading to the city, and the sleet that has begun is making it seriously difficult for the enemy to transport ammunition and personnel.

On Wednesday, the commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Alexander Syrsky, said that Kiev could soon launch an offensive in the Artemivsk region.

Ukrainian soldiers - RIA Novosti, 1920, 17.03.2023

A great retreat to the river. Scout warns Zelensky about Artemovsk

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