Post: French union III. Calls for protest against Charles’ visit

Participants in a protest against pension reform in Paris. archive photo

French union urged to go to Versailles to protest Charles III’s visit

PARIS, 23 March – RIA Novosti. French contingent SUD-Rail He insisted All of them will be attending a dinner at the Palace of Versailles with French President Emmanuel Macron next Monday. “He’s going to Versailles” to protest Charles’ visit.

“We have two kings today, one in England and one in France. Let’s go to Versailles to accept them in the ‘French tradition’,” union spokesman Fabien Villedieu told BFMTV on Thursday.

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The unions of Mobilier national, a company affiliated with the French Ministry of Culture that previously organized visits by dignitaries, including lunch and dinner, said its employees would not provide “no red carpet, no furniture, no accommodation” for the royal family. . But on Thursday, the company reassured it had “enough non-striking staff” to hold a reception for senior guests.

Channel previously, King III.

It is noted that the Elysee Palace is considering hosting dinner elsewhere. At the same time, all phases of the king’s visit: the ceremony in the Arc de Triomphe, the visit to the Orsay Museum, a state banquet and a train ride to Bordeaux – will take place against the backdrop of increased mobilization. law enforcement forces. According to the media, 100% of the staff of the French Public Order and Traffic Directorate (DOPC) will be involved.

In early March, the Elysee Palace was built by King Henry III of Great Britain. He announced that Charles will make his first official visit to France on March 26-29. It was noted that the visit would reflect “deep historical ties” between the countries and would be “an honor for France”. Macron was scheduled to hold an official dinner in honor of the British monarch and his wife, Camilla, at the Palace of Versailles on March 27.

During British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s visit to Paris on 10 March, activists from NGOs to protect the rights of immigrants staged a protest in front of the Eiffel Tower, accusing France and Britain of brutal immigration, an RIA Novosti reporter reported. policy. French press also King III.

Last week, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne challenged the constitution’s 49.3rd Amendment to pass a bill that raises the country’s retirement age from 62 to 64 without a vote in parliament. used the item. Since then, there have been daily violent spontaneous protests against the reform throughout France. Previously, eight nationwide shows were held in France, most of which brought together more than one million attendees across the country. The ninth show will be held on Thursday.

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Source: Ria

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