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Post: Thousands protest judicial reform in Tel Aviv


Thousands of demonstrators protest again in Tel Aviv against judicial reform

TEL AVIV, 23 March – RIA Novosti. Thousands of demonstrators again took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Thursday to protest the judicial reform of Benjamin Netanhu’s government, with disruptions to public transport and road closures, an RIA Novosti reporter reported from the scene.

In the morning, hundreds of students and professors staged a protest in the square outside Tel Aviv University in the north of the city. Protesters chanted anti-government slogans in defense of democracy. Later, the column was moved to the center of the city.

At noon, the demonstrators blocked the central highways of Tel Aviv – the Ayalon highway and Menachem Begin Avenue. A large group of protesters gathered at the Azrielli junction, where one of the city’s most important transport hubs, the government complex building and the General Staff is located.

Demonstrations are held peacefully. Small police forces seen in crowds of protesters

Israeli government accuses US of funding protests

Source: Ria

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