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Post: I reject the proposals of the Netanyahu government. Demonstrations in Israel with the motto “Day of Paralysis”


Crowds of Israelis took to the streets on Thursday, a day of “paralysis”, to protest the government’s plan to overhaul the court system and block major thoroughfares to traffic, intensifying a months-long campaign. , condemn this movement.

Thousands of people marched with flags and banners through the streets of Tel Aviv, bringing traffic to a standstill during the working day. Police used water cannons and took several as they cleared the road.

A small group burned tires on the street in front of the port, causing a slight delay in truck traffic. Police forced protesters off the road in front of a conference center in central Israel.

Police also arrested dozens of protesters who sparked public unrest across the country.

Protests have intensified since the beginning of the year, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government proposed a new bill that would limit the powers of the Supreme Court.

The plan has raised concerns at home and abroad about the state of democracy in Israel. Army reservists joined the action. Senior Finance Ministry officials warned this week of a severe hit to the economy.

In Jerusalem, people gathered near the walls of the Old City, where a huge copy of the country’s declaration of independence hung.

“What we are doing here is fighting for our lives,” said Avidan Friedman, “we are fighting for our lives as Jews living together in a state we built for 75 years.”

And he added: “We are fighting because we feel that what is happening now is destroying us and we ask the government to stop.”

However, Netanyahu is pushing legislation that includes bills that give the government ultimate power to choose judges and limit the court’s authority to break the law. A law was approved on Thursday that restricts cases of removal of the prime minister.

Netanyahu, who is on trial on corruption charges he denies, says reforming the judiciary is necessary to balance government circles. While critics believe it will undermine democracy in Israel and give the government unlimited powers.

Source: EuroNews

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