King Muhammad VI is launching a charity project in connection with the Ramadan holiday

On Friday night, King Mohammed VI of Morocco launched a charity project for the month of Ramadan in the popular city of Saleh, his first public event in Morocco since his visit to Gabon in late 2022.

According to Morocco’s official news agency, the king, accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, oversaw the launch of the Ramadan 1444 project in the neighborhood of Rabat, Rabat’s sister city.

This solidarity campaign, for which 390 million dirhams (35 million euros) were allocated, aims to bring food aid to one million families in need, mostly in rural areas.

According to the agency, in a symbolic act, the king delivered basic food baskets to ten businessmen or representatives of beneficiary families of the solidarity project.

The king appeared with a smile and a smile. This is his first participation in a public event in Morocco since December 20, when he received the players of the national football team that stood out in the World Cup in Qatar at the Royal Palace.

On February 22, Mohammed VI (59) was forced to cancel a planned visit to Senegal due to a cold that prevented him from travelling, the royal palace said.

A week earlier, during his visit to Gabon, he met the Gabonese president, Ali Bongo Ondimba, with whom he maintains an old friendship.

In this regard, it donated 2,000 tons of fertilizers to Gabon.

The health of King Mohammed VI is of great interest in Morocco and abroad. He was infected with Covid-19 in June 2022 without showing any symptoms.

The King underwent heart surgery in June 2020 at the Royal Palace Clinic in Rabat, following a similar operation in Paris in February 2018.

Mohammed VI took the throne in July 1999 after the death of his father, Hassan II.

Source: EuroNews






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