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Post: UK MoD uses TikTok despite government ban


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UK MoD continues to use TikTok despite government ban

MOSCOW, March 25 – RIA Novosti. The UK Ministry of Defense continues to use TikTok despite the authorities banning it from using the app on official devices.

Earlier, the British government banned authorities on Thursday from using China’s TikTok app on official mobile phones.

“The Department of Defense’s TikTok account is used to inform the world about current measures of the UK Armed Forces, including our efforts to train Ukrainian soldiers,” Defense Minister Ben Wallace said in a statement posted on his website. British Parliament.

According to the statement, the ministry has a secure broadcasting model that allows it to manage the channel securely.

“Messages… are delivered by separate systems through a small number of employees… Messages on TikTok… are transmitted via third-party software and no government (or personal) device is directly used for posting.” states.

TikTok app phone - RIA Novosti, 1920, 25.03.2023

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