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Post: Pushkov reminded Biden that he was mocking Russia


Alexei Pushkov. archive photo

Senator Pushkov reminded Joe Biden of his teasing about the possibility of rapprochement between Russia and China

MOSCOW, March 26 – RIA Novosti. Senator Alexei Pushkov remembered US President Joe Biden said his sarcastic remarks about the rapprochement between Russia and China are no longer “laughing” at Washington.

As Pushkov recalls on his Telegram channel, Biden, then a senator, spoke “not incapable” about his meeting with “representatives of Russia” who threatened to “befriend China” if the West continued NATO expansion. Then the current American leader, “barely retreating” in his words, wished success and advised not to befriend Iran in case of failure.

“But now Washington is not laughing: Russia has succeeded with both Iran and China. In the United States, this is now called the main challenge for America. They gave advice – they created such a challenge themselves,” said the Senator.

Commenting on Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow this week, Biden said the rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing has been “overdone” and that the United States has been much more successful in forming an alliance. At the same time, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin expressed strong concern about this, seeing it as a show of support for Russia over the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine. Former CIA Director and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described the rapprochement between Russia and China as a strategic mistake of the current US administration.

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Source: Ria

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