Post: The Pentagon has responded to Russia’s plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus.

The United States will not change the readiness of the nuclear forces due to the Russian Federation’s plans to deploy nuclear weapons elements in Belarus.

MOSCOW, March 26/ Radio Sputnik. The Pentagon said it has yet to see any reason to change the readiness of the United States’ nuclear forces. US defense ministry’s reaction to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement on plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus opens Reuters.

According to the American side, Moscow is not preparing to use nuclear weapons.

“We’ve seen reports of Russia making a statement (about its intention to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus)… We haven’t seen any reason to change the readiness of our nuclear forces, or any sign that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons,” he says. in a Pentagon statement quoted by the agency.

The White House has expressed a similar view, according to Reuters.

the previous day Vladimir Putin reported Moscow And Minsk Belarus agreed to place tactical nuclear weapons on its territory.

This was due to the statements of the representatives of the British Ministry of Defense regarding the supply of ammunition containing depleted uranium to Ukraine, as explained by the Russian head of state.

Putin stressed that Moscow is doing what Washington has done for decades. According to him, the construction of a storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus will be completed by the beginning of summer.

Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of Russia’s response to supplies of depleted uranium shells to Kiev.

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