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Post: There are details of the seizure of the factory in Artemovsk, where Zelensky came from


Wagner soldiers killed 16 Ukrainian soldiers during the capture of a concrete plant in Artemovsk.

ARTEMOVSK (DPR), March 26 – RIA Novosti. Fighters of the Wagner group captured eight people and destroyed more than 15 Ukrainian soldiers at the Artemovsk concrete plant in the DPR, located east of the AZOM enterprise (Artemovsk plant for the processing of non-ferrous metals), RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

The RIA Novosti correspondent visited one of the enterprises located east of AZOM, which was cleared by fighters of the Wagner group in mid-March. According to the fighters of the group, a serious conflict took place here, eight Ukrainian soldiers were captured, the rest were destroyed.

According to the agency’s interlocutors, 16 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in close combat. As trophies, Kalashnikov assault rifles and grenade launchers produced by NATO countries were received.

“(Ukrainian army – ed.) tried to evacuate the 300th (wounded – ed.), ours came from the other side, they resisted. That’s why we killed two people here,” recalls one of the Wagner fighters.

Source: Ria

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