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Post: WhatsApp is testing a useful feature for voice messages


WABetaInfo reported that instant messaging service WhatsApp, in addition to the long-awaited video messaging feature, is testing another equally important feature, which is once-play audio messages.

Last December, WhatsApp began testing a feature that erases text messages users send after reading them, similar to the single view feature the service currently offers for photos and videos.

And now, a site that specializes in monitoring experimental WhatsApp features has discovered a similar feature in version of the Android system service app, but this time for voice messages that can play once and then disappear.

The site has posted a screenshot of the feature being tested, and it looks like it won’t be able to store, forward or record one-play voice messages, for privacy reasons, similar to images and videos that can be viewed once. an Arabic technical news portal.

This feature is believed to increase communication privacy and security, as a voice message sent using single view mode is designed to be played only once, reducing the risk of it being accessed or heard by someone else. later, which will help protect sensitive and confidential information.

In the field of voice communication, WABetaInfo found that WhatsApp is testing another feature called (Audio Chats) in version of the service application on Google’s Android system.

According to a screenshot posted by the site, WhatsApp will add a new sound wave icon to the chat header, allowing users to initiate a voice chat.

The website states, “Unfortunately, there is still no official information available on how this feature works, so its exact function may seem unclear.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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