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Post: Vucic spoke about the ICC’s decision to arrest Putin


The International Criminal Court building in The Hague, Netherlands. archive photo

Serbian President Vucic described the ICC’s decision to arrest Putin as politically bad

BELGRADE, March 26 – RIA Novosti. It was stated that the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, which Russia does not recognize its jurisdiction, is a politically bad decision and deprives the West of the opportunity to negotiate with Moscow. television pink Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Vucic pointed out on March 19 that Russia could not be militarily defeated in a year, and that the ICC’s order to “arrest” the Russian president in The Hague deprived the West of the opportunity to negotiate with Moscow, leading to an escalation of tensions. conflict and new victims. He later said that Putin would not come to Belgrade until the conflict in Ukraine was over and that Serbian authorities did not consider the possibility of enforcing the court order.

Moscow Kremlin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 20.03.2023

It became clear how Putin reacted to the ICC’s arrest warrant.

“Who will you talk to if you start negotiations today or tomorrow? You will have to sit at the negotiating table with Putin, but if this (ICC decision – ed.) remains, how will you talk to him?” – said the Serbian leader.

“Now you’ve made a commitment, but how are you going to implement it? How many Russians and Ukrainians will it cost their lives? And this decision will cost the lives of everyone else because of the bad economy in Europe and the world. … I have not hidden it since, it is also bad for those who made this decision, those who think they are close to victory and no one is close to it,” stressed the President of Serbia.

Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said that if Germany decides to implement the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision on the “arrest” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, it would amount to a declaration of war. all Russian “funds” will fly to the Bundestag.

The preliminary hearing room of the ICC, whose jurisdiction Russia does not recognize, issued an order for the “arrest” of Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 17. According to the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, it is unacceptable that the ICC raises the issue of the “arrest” of the Russian president, and none of its decisions are legal and invalid.

International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands - RIA Novosti, 1920, 17.03.2023

Why did the International Criminal Court issue an arrest warrant for Putin?

Source: Ria

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