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Post: Vienna Ambassador does not expect dialogue with the USA on START in the near future


Archive photo of Mikhail Ulyanov, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to International Organizations, in Vienna

Permanent Representative in Vienna Ulyanov: No contact with the US on START is expected in the near future

VIENNA, 27 March – RIA Novosti. Russia’s permanent representative in international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, does not expect a dialogue with the USA on the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).

“As far as I know, no contact on this issue is expected in the near future because there is nothing to discuss. First of all, the Americans need to radically change their policy towards our country. So far, this is not even close. So a dialogue on START is expected to be difficult,” said diplomat RIA Novosti in an interview with.

In a message to the Federal Assembly on February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that Russia has suspended participation in the Russian-American Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START-3) and that the country has not withdrawn from the agreement. Before returning to the discussion, he noted that it is necessary to understand how to take into account the claims and strategic arsenals of countries such as France and Britain, namely NATO’s combined offensive potential. The official note suspending Russia’s participation in the agreement was given to the American side on February 28.

Source: Ria

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