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Post: London opens new “Elizabeth” underground line after 13 years of waiting.


Londoners will finally get the chance to board the new Elizabeth Metro line in the British capital for the first time on Tuesday, after waiting nearly 13 years for a major infrastructure project.

The line, named after Queen Elizabeth II, will significantly reduce travel time between Heathrow Airport and many major railway stations and the London Financial Center in Docklands.

Only the central section of the line will open on Tuesday, while other east and west sections are expected to continue into the fall, including stops at Heathrow and Reading airport, as well as Essex and south east London, an area historically. Private from metro stations..

The 113km line will be fully operational in May 2023, according to London Operator Transport, and the world’s oldest underground system will be expanded by around 10%, bringing an additional 200 million passengers a year to central London. .

However, the project was significantly delayed and construction took three and a half years longer than planned. Costs have also increased significantly since the project was first approved, rising from $14.8 billion to $19.19 billion.

Source: Al Ittihad

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