Due to discrepancies on some points, the signing of the final agreement to resolve the crisis in Sudan has been postponed.

Khartoum officially announced that the signing of a final agreement to resolve the political crisis in Sudan, scheduled for Saturday, would pave the way for the transfer of power in the country to civilians.

In December, Sudan’s military leaders and civilian factions agreed on the first component of a two-step political process to end the political turmoil that has gripped the country since Sudanese army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan gave a military coup in October 2021. The signatories to the deal were essentially focused on dismantling the Bashir regime.

Dispute between al-Burhan and Hamidt

One responsible for the political process, Khaled Omar Youssef, said in a statement that the meeting would take place on Saturday afternoon, “in which the civil and military parties that signed the framework agreement for the new date of signature of the final political agreement will participate. ”. that could not be signed.

The communiqué refers that it was decided to postpone the signing of the final agreement “due to the lack of consensus on some issues”, without specifying them.

Analysts believe the integration of the Rapid Support Force into the army is the main sticking point between al-Burhan and his lieutenant, Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, known as “Hamidt”, who heads the paramilitary force, formed in 2013. an insurgency in Darfur .

Last week, a seminar on military security and reform ended without agreement.

The workshop was held to implement provisions of the framework agreement signed by the military with civilians in December as the first part of a political process aimed at returning civilians to power.

A political process official added in a statement that “all parties will continue serious discussions to overcome recent obstacles to an agreement that will restore the path of civil democratic transformation.” Where a civilian government is established to lead the transition process and alleviate the suffering of our people.”

According to Sudanese media, the parties to the framework agreement finally agreed to sign a final political agreement on April 1.

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