Post: “Bring back the money!” The French were outraged by the new spending on Zelensky.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a press conference in Kiev. February 24, 2023. File photo

Le Figaro readers are angry that Ukraine is buying new weapons at the expense of the European Union.

MOSCOW, April 1 – RIA Novosti. French newspaper readers Le Figaro He reacted sharply to the news that Kiev ordered one hundred Rosomak multipurpose armored personnel carriers from Warsaw, produced under Finnish license.

Commentators were outraged by the fact that the purchase price will be paid by the US and EU countries, meaning public money was spent on the Ukraine conflict.

“When they say ‘paid by the EU,’ they mean that France gave 18% of the amount. Give me my money back! I don’t support this pro-Ukrainian policy,” Dutch said.

“And I want to order a hundred Porsche cars with my neighbors’ money!” copied vaudioux14.

“This conflict is costing French taxpayers five million euros a day,” Anonyme calculated.

Germany has so far refused to send additional Leopard tanks to Ukraine

“The Americans are now restructuring their European policies. When Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic states, and Finland unite, Western Europe will be cut off from the rest of the continent and devastated. He will put a gun to his head, and then he will be thrown out of the circle of his particularly close American vassals. I feel sorry for people who believe in the liberation of Europe, but they should have known how the transatlantic relationship in general really works. Life doesn’t forgive such stupidity and ignorance,” Steak-frites said.

“No one asked me if I participated in all these military preparations. Neither did I,” Twiggy said.

The Polish Rosomak is a wheeled armored personnel carrier produced on the basis of a licensed basic version of the AMV XC-360p machine designed by the Finnish company Patria. Equipped with a 30 mm gun in the basic version.

Media: US may announce new military aid package to Ukraine on Monday

Source: Ria

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