Romanians began to take Ukrainians to the streets

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Adevarul: Romanian residents start deporting refugees from Ukraine due to new support rules

MOSCOW, April 2 – RIA Novosti. Residents of Romania, which hosts Ukrainian refugees, have started demanding that they “finally” seek new housing for themselves due to planned changes to immigration support laws. writer Adevarul edition.

Due to delays in payments under the current 50/20 program and planned changes in legislation, residents of the country where Ukrainians live in their homes are beginning to encourage them to seek other “owners” or pay rent.

According to the current rules of the “50/20” program, residents of Romania hosting refugees receive compensation from the authorities for each Ukrainian, 50 (850 rubles) and 20 lei (340 rubles) for daily accommodation and food. , the host undertakes to provide accommodation and meals to the guests.

Under the proposed innovations, Romania will provide each Ukrainian family with 2,000 lei (34,000 rubles) per month, but the period of assistance is limited to the four months during which refugees must find work. In addition, Ukrainians will have to cover their living expenses from this money.

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At the same time, the new conditions no longer suit the “greedy” owners who offer housing only to large Ukrainian families. “Now these same landlords are trying to get rid of ‘guests’ or are asking them to pay exorbitant rents,” Adevarul said. said.

After the bill was published, “desperate” messages began to emerge from refugees looking for a new home after landlords demanded that those who could not pay rent to vacate their homes. “Hello, please help me find a place to live. The landlord kicked us out of the house with the child,” a Ukrainian woman reported.

As refugees seeking housing under the 50/20 program receive fewer and fewer responses, and the number of such posts is increasing, they are usually written as follows: “The program ends, the state stops paying, (housing – ed.) rent paid” – stated in the article.

“Desperate mothers say they have nothing to feed their children or ask for support to buy diapers, clothes and shoes,” the publication concludes.

According to Romanian authorities, since February last year the country has spent 565m euros on Ukrainian refugees, of which more than 100m euros was for food and shelter.

People on the border of Ukraine and Poland - RIA Novosti, 1920, 29.03.2023

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