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Post: Dodon said the Moldovan economy would suffer because of its refusal to be friendly with Russia.


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Former president Dodon: Moldova’s economy will suffer due to its refusal to be friendly with Russia and the CIS

KISINEV, 3 April – RIA Novosti. Moldova’s former president, Igor Dodon, said that the inclusion of Moldova on the list of countries hostile to Russia and the severing of relations with the CIS would deal a serious blow to the Moldovan economy.

Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu said earlier that the country’s authorities are examining the relevance of agreements signed within the CIS and aim to denounce dozens of such documents.

Former President of Moldova Igor Dodon - RIA Novosti, 1920, 28.03.2023

Dodon says it is more profitable for Moldova to be closer to the East

“If Moldova becomes a hostile state for Russia, it will be very bad for the economy and we are already at the border. If we are included in the list of hostile countries, then Russia may suspend free trade in many positions, this is what Dodon said in TVC 21,” We also shot our economic agents, who are

He noted that the authorities are planning to move away from the CIS, which will bring problems with it. “Withdrawal from the CIS could result in the introduction of a visa regime with Commonwealth countries,” Dodon said. said.

Earlier, the country’s authorities have already mentioned the need to discuss whether it makes sense for the country to stay in the CIS. Moldovan parliament spokesman Igor Grosu said in July that Chisinau should seriously consider withdrawing from the organisation. Since last year, Moldova has been ignoring the CIS and EAEU meetings, where it is an observer. Today, relations with Russia are maintained at the level of embassies.

According to a survey published in mid-March by the Republican Institute of Marketing and Sociological Studies, most Moldovan residents favor maintaining economic, political and cultural ties with the Russian Federation. The survey also showed that more than half of Moldovans are against the country’s withdrawal from the CIS, and many citizens are dissatisfied with their standard of living and believe the country’s government is guilty of raising gas and electricity prices.

Moldovan Flag - RIA Novosti, 1920, 04/03/2023

The survey showed the most popular politicians in Moldova

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