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Post: Media: Prosecutor reclassifies all charges against Trump


Donald Trump. archive photo

“Yahoo” : prosecutor reclassifies all charges against Trump as criminal

WASHINGTON, April 4 – RIA Novosti. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office has reclassified all 34 charges against former US President Donald Trump as guilty, citing a source familiar with the details of the investigation, Yahoo News reports.

“The charge of falsifying commercial records can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor in New York State. However, Bragg’s office has raised all charges to Class E crimes, which represents the lowest level of crime in New York State’s criminal code,” the portal wrote. reports.

In his opinion, such a measure was taken on the grounds that the actions of the ex-president were intended to hide another crime. Earlier media reported that Trump is preparing to file at least one criminal complaint in a New York court on Tuesday.

Under state penal code provisions, a class E felony involving falsification of business documents can carry a prison sentence of up to four years. However, as the addressee of the portal emphasized, from a practical point of view such a scenario is unlikely.

“No one goes to jail for this, it’s breaking the law the first time,” the source said.

Trump said an hour ago on Tuesday that he would face 33 charges in a New York courtroom, and none of that surprised him.

Source: Ria

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