Post: In the USA, they told how long America has left to live


The American Thinker: The 250th anniversary of the United States will come in three years and empires no longer exist

MOSCOW, April 5 — RIA Novosti. The columnist wrote that the American ruling class has placed the United States in a deplorable situation that threatens the country’s very existence. American Thinker Brian Jundef.

To him, the United States has become a Hunger Games-like hellhole, where the American establishment rules at its own whim, wrecking the economy, destroying citizens’ dreams, and destroying anyone who stands in its way.

“I feel sorry for my children and grandchildren. They will be the first generation whose means will be more modest than their parents’ and whose lives will be less prosperous. Empires are not more than 250 years old and America’s 250th anniversary is celebrated in just three years,” complained Jundef.

He added that American politicians were not only trying to slow the decline of the United States, but rather “pressing the gas to the ground”.

The author concluded that this was particularly acute in the case of Donald Trump, where Democrats decided to eliminate their political opponents “armed” with the judicial system.

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Earlier, former US President Donald Trump had said the country would “go to hell” after official charges were brought against him.

On Tuesday, Trump was charged with 34 counts in Manhattan criminal court. In each, the former president is accused of “falsifying commercial records” for the purpose of “fraud and intent to commit another crime”. The former president pleaded not guilty, after which Trump was released from court. The politician’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, believes the accusations against his client are devoid of facts.

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