Post: Easter march begins in Berlin against arms shipments to Kiev

Thousands in Berlin join the Easter march against arms supplies to Kiev

BERLIN, 8 April – RIA Novosti. An RIA Novosti correspondent said that thousands of people gathered in Berlin for a peaceful march on Catholic Easter Eve protested the arms supply to Kiev and were in favor of peace talks.

This weekend, Germany is hosting its annual “Easter Marches”, which brings together supporters of various peace initiatives in more than 120 German cities.

According to Netzwerk Friedenskooperative (“Network for Peaceful Cooperation”), which coordinates nationwide protests, at least 3,000 people attend the rally in Berlin. The protest started in a square in the center of Wedding.

Alongside flags with the image of a dove of peace, marchers carry banners that read: “US and NATO – get out of Ukraine”, “Diplomacy, not weapons”, “Against senseless sanctions, cheap energy now”, “Tanks never bring peace”, not only in Europe”. against its dependence on US policy.

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Before the procession began, an artist from the mobile stage took the stage and sang the song “May the sun always shine” in Russian, German and Yiddish. The speakers also called for early peace talks on Ukraine.

“Stop the arms supply to Ukraine, this will only lead to an escalation and prolongation of the conflict,” said one speaker.

He also stressed that Moscow’s security interests and concerns about the arming and expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders must be respected.

Pro-Ukrainian activists tried to intervene, unable to silence the speakers as their numbers were small.

In the announcement of the action, the organizers demand the cessation of the supply of German weapons to Kiev, the deployment of nuclear weapons in the German Ramstein and sanctions against Russia, which, according to them, did great harm to Germany in the first place. . They call on Berlin to facilitate peace talks between Moscow and Kiev and to establish a European security architecture “from Lisbon to Vladivostok”.

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