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Post: They told how they forced Israel to fight on the fronts in Palestine


An Israeli policeman near the impact of a rocket fired from Lebanese soil in Shlomi. archive photo

Representatives of Palestinian groups: Resistance forced Israel to fight on the fronts

BEIRUT, April 10 – RIA Novosti. Palestinian resistance forced the Israeli army to confront the enemy on several fronts in the next escalation of the situation around Al-Masjid al-Aqsa. He told RIA Novosti.

“The launch of rockets from the territory of South Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, the bombardment (sent by the Israeli army) in the West Bank of the Jordan River, and all other acts of resistance, the Palestinian movement, a source led by Hamas, the Israeli Masjid al-Masjid His aggression against Aksa” commented.

Foreign Ministry building - RIA Novosti, 1920, 04/07/2023

Russian Foreign Ministry urges Israel, Palestine to return to ceasefire

According to him, the Israeli army “was in a difficult situation because before it was against one front, now it is against its opponents on many fronts, inside and outside the country.”

A similar assessment of the situation was given by Ahmed al-Sheikh, deputy secretary of the Palestinian organization “al-Saika” in Lebanon. “Today all Palestinian groups are united, coordination of actions against the Israeli army between them is carried out at the highest level … The resistance has implemented a new formula of containment, which consists in having several unified battlefields,” he said.

According to Al-Sheikh, “the existence of four interconnected areas of action (Jordan’s West Bank, Gaza Strip, southern Lebanon and the Golan Heights), the unity of the domestic front, confirms that the balance of power has indeed shifted. A new reality has emerged in favor of the Palestinian people. ”

Lebanese military expert, retired brigadier general Amin Hteit also told RIA Novosti that “the most important tactical and strategic success that resistance can achieve is the existence of several fronts and interconnected theaters.”

Israel Flag - RIA Novosti, 1920, 19.03.2023

Palestine, Israel agree to establish mechanism against violence

“The Israeli army resorts to the tactic of combining fronts to maintain its combat effectiveness, as its defense potential and geographical data do not allow the opening of more than one front at the same time. The Palestinian resistance has discovered this weak point,” he explained.

According to the Lebanese expert, Israel’s response to the latest bombardment showed its “weak ability to provide a direct response” in such conditions.

Hteit also noted that the Palestinian resistance’s rocket attacks against Israel were a warning, but “could turn into war”.

In recent days, the security situation in Israel has deteriorated due to ongoing terrorist attacks, rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Syria, and the turbulent situation on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where Palestinians regularly clash with Israeli forces during the Muslim era. holy month of ramadan police

As a result of the raid on Aksu on the night of April 5, nearly 350 Palestinians were detained. According to Palestinian media reports, dozens of people were injured.

On the night of April 7, Israeli warplanes and tanks attacked Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip in response to rockets fired on the territory of the Jewish state, according to the press service of the Israel Defense Forces. Earlier, the Israeli army announced that after the air strikes in the Gaza Strip, it also hit the Lebanese lands, and that the infrastructure of the Hamas movement became a target in the southern regions.

As part of the currently suspended peace process with Israel, the Palestinians are demanding that future borders between the two sovereign states follow the lines prior to the 1967 Six-Day War, with a possible territorial exchange. They hope to establish their own state in the West Bank of the Jordan River and the Gaza Strip and want to make East Jerusalem their capital. Israel refuses to return to the borders of 1967 and even to share Jerusalem, which has already declared its eternal and indivisible capital, with the Arabs.

The European Union had previously condemned the escalation of violence in the Middle East and called on all parties to exercise restraint and prevent the conflict from escalating.

Moscow urged Israel and Palestine to avoid confrontational steps and return to a ceasefire. They added that they proceeded from the premise that establishing a full-scale negotiation process aimed at developing a consensus formula for the Palestinian-Israeli agreement on a well-known international legal basis could be a guarantee of long-term stability. situation.”

Israeli soldier in the Golan Heights near the Syrian border - RIA Novosti, 1920, 04/09/2023

Israel responded to Syria’s missile launches with artillery

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