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Post: State Duma committee approves life sentence for treason


The Russian State Duma building on Okhotny Ryad Street in Moscow. archive photo

State Duma Committee approves amendment to life imprisonment for treason

MOSCOW, April 10 – RIA Novosti. The State Duma Constitutional Committee recommended on Monday that amendments be passed on sentences up to life imprisonment for treason.

In addition, the committee approved amendments to strengthen criminal liability for sabotage and terrorist crimes.

Within the scope of the crime article titled “International Terrorist Act”, it was proposed to be sentenced to imprisonment from 12 years to life imprisonment. Now the minimum penalty is ten years in prison. On the other hand, it was suggested that the defendants be sentenced to 20 years in prison instead of 15 years under the “act of terrorism” article. In addition, it is planned to increase the minimum sentence from five to seven years for the crime of being a member of or participating in terrorism. The defendants will be able to wait between 10 and 15 years within the scope of the article “establishing and joining a terrorist organization”. Now they face five to ten years.

He will now face 20 years instead of 15 to implement the sabotage.

As the chairman of the committee Pavel Krasheninnikov noted during the meeting, it was proposed to consider the changes at the State Duma meeting on Thursday.

The head of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, Vasily Piskarev, said that lawmakers implemented these changes on Friday.

Patch on the uniform of an employee of the FSB of the Russian Federation - RIA Novosti, 1920, 14.03.2023

A resident of Stavropol was suspected of working for the Ukrainian special services.

Source: Ria

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