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Post: Irina Shayk accused of promoting cruelty to animals


Model Irina Shayk accused of promoting cruelty to animals

MOSCOW, April 11 – RIA Novosti. Representatives of the PETA organization accused supermodel Irina Shayk of promoting cruelty to animals. informs Daily mail.

Animal welfare activists were outraged by a celebrity photo of a Doberman with his ears cut off. The model, shot for British Vogue magazine, appeared in a gray blazer dress, corset and chunky shoes. He kept the dog on a leash.

PETA representatives demanded that the publication apologize to the public for publishing the photo.

“It is completely inappropriate to urge people to buy dogs that are illegal and have undergone painful processing in the UK. The publication is broadcasting the message that animals are just fashion accessories, not creatures that deserve respect,” the activists said.

In response, the representative of the gloss said that the photo shoot was held in New York, where animals are allowed to plug their ears.

In 2006, the UK banned the clipping of dogs’ ears. But according to the observations of animal advocates, some owners simply ignored the law.

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